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Sa., 06. Aug.



Picnic and Music

Schnappt euch eure Picknick-Decke und genießt tolle Live Acts. Artists: Keanan Eksteen und Sophie Hallberg

Picnic and Music
Picnic and Music

Zeit & Ort

06. Aug. 2022, 18:00

München, Belgradstraße 195, 80804 München, Deutschland

Über die Veranstaltung

Keanan Eksteen (South Africa)

Born and raised in the small town of Kraaifontein, Keanan grew up with The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty as a soundtrack to his youth. Longing to expand his horizons and escape the monotony of small town life he turned to music. As a boy of few words the guitar ignited a fire within and soon became a vice, and then a passion. The words that used to be trapped in his head came tumbling out as he discovered a love for writing poetry and lyrics, and more importantly the ability to express himself in a way that might resonate with others.

In his own words ‘My song writing started off slow, I found myself very interested in lyrics that were symbolic, or cryptic, the kind that forces you to find your own meaning, or forces you to look at things through a different lens. The songs I write now mostly reflect how we view ourselves, and a lot of it is self-reflection. I feel a connection with putting myself in the shoes of another to try and bring some truth that I have not yet experienced. My music is my most honest and raw form of who I am and my thoughts and feelings about love, the self, family and life itself. I never wish to drown in the dense music industry we have today, therefor I am always looking for new and exciting ways to write a song and share it with the world.”

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Booking agent: Jason Ling | | +4917643691495

Sophie Hallberg

Soul, einzigartige Melodien und sparsam skizzierte Intensität. Mit Szenerien zwischen Liebe und Erschöpfung flüchtet sich Sophie Hallberg in surreale Welten und vereint dunkle, narrative Texte mit unbefangenen, sinnlichen Melodien. Das Soloprojekt der Münchner Musikerin schwebt irgendwo zwischen Soul, Pop und einem Genre das in seiner Intimität dazu einlädt sich zurückzuziehen um danach wieder nach Hause zu kommen.

Contact Jonas Immer · · +49 163 876 49 81

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